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Our Board of Trustees

Meet the Crew


Laura Riggi

Laura is a doctor in agro-ecology with experience in agro-environmental issues (i.e. land-use change,  pesticide use)  and nature conservation research. Her work focuses on promoting insect diversity in agricultural landscapes and developing novel cropping practices for sustainable food production.

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Melissa Lennartz-Walker

Melissa is a molecular biologist by training and life-long insect enthusiast. As a Bugs for Life trustee she supports the research elements of insects for food and feed and is particularly interested in its resulting societal impacts and benefits.


Marthe Sæther Jacobsen

Marthe is a professional project manager specialising in the merging of business and technology using strategic change management. She has a keen interest in the charitable sector, particularly in terms of global food security and food production. Marthe supports research and delivery of our BFL projects.


Craig Macfarlane

Craig is a science communicator with a background in environmental science and a passion for educating people about the many benefits of sustainable insect farming. He is responsible for the educational output of Bugs for Life and delivers talks and outreach events around the UK.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Our Partners in Benin


Ouro Botto

Ouro is the head of the Kosso village and has also been instrumental in BFL work. His experience and knowledge informs the context of BFL activities. He also completed the first BFL BSF pilot training at ITAA (Cotonou) in Nov 2018.


Yatto Doko

Yatto is a key member of the Kosso and Tanguieta community. He is and has been instrumental in coordinating the BFL activities and completed the first black solder fly (BSF) insect for feed pilot training project at ITAA (Cotonou) in November 2018.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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